What are this site for?
ICONIC show – the platform for competitions, exhibitions, offline/online events. We are specifying on digital art, so our website is intended for digital artists. Every contest have a different topic so stay tuned for updates.
How can I apply to participate in the event?
To take part in the ICONIC Show you have to create an original artwork, accept the Rules, fill the application form and upload your piece of digital art to the site.
Who can apply to participate in the event?
The competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over and agreed to the Terms.
Are there any restrictions or requirements for the images / pieces of art those I want to upload?
The artists can upload their artwork in files of PDF format up to 100 MB. It has to be 2000 pixels on the longest side at least. All of the artworks uploaded are going through moderation. The rights to the artwork must belong to you and not be sold or shared with any third party.
Why does my artwork keep failing to upload?
Please check if image file you are trying to upload meets the requirements above. The Bitcoin Wallet Address and Email lines are required as well.
How many artworks can I upload?
We accept only one artwork per person.
Why there isn't my artwork on the main page?
The picture will appear on the site only if the jury chooses it. We can remove the art at any time even after appearing on the site without explaining the reasons.
Who own the license for my artwork?
All the rights to the artwork belong to you, but we reserve the right to use the work for advertising purposes.


What is the topic of artworks?
You need to create picture in digital art format. Which will show how modern, strong and successful women doesn’t be afraid to keep up with the times and successfully regains their status among men and high technologies.
Who determines the winners of the competition? What are the prizes?
Competent jury will choose 15 best one artworks, which will take a part in CryptoFriends SXSW Crypto Summit auction.
Every artist will receive 75% of the price.
When are the applications going to be accepted?
The applications are going to be accepted starting from February 20th 2018 and up to March 11 2018.